2015 Triathlon Goals: Ironman Wisconsin

With initial traithlon training underway, I thought it would be useful to create a list of goals for myself going into the 2015 season. Goal setting is obviously a great way to push yourself to try something new or develop a craft. For me, it’s also been a way to focus my energy. Without goals, my aim will change each week and I’ll miss out on actually completing much of anything.

This year, I broke down goals into two categories: training goals and race goals.

Training Goals

  • Stick to the plan. I’ve established my official training plan for 2015 – carefully builiding mileage into my “A-race,” Ironman Wisconsin. Crafting a training schedule is important, but consistency is required. My goal is to miss, at most, one workout per week without missing any key workouts.
  • Stay healthy. Yes, this one could be out of my control, but not completely. Last year, I pushed a run too long without enough rest beforehand in the pouring rain (heavy shoes) without doing any hip strength work. It’s no mystery why I developed IT Band Syndrome! This year, my goal is to stay healthy by: 1) doing Jason Fitzgerald’s ITB Rehab Routine at least twice per week, 2) refueling after workouts with the right 3 or 4:1 carb to protein ratio, 3) including leg stretching and hip opening yoga poses into my stretches at least twice per week.

Race Goals

  • Finish Ironman Wisconsin. Yes, it’s true that I will likely develop a finishing time in my head that I’ll want to beat when race day comes. However, I’d like to challenge myself to stick to this mindset that enjoying myself on race day and finishing, no matter the time, is a solid goal for the first attempt. I’m worried that setting an aggressive goal without ever feeling 140.6 miles on my body will set me up for failure, so finishing the race in good spirits will be my goal this year.
  • PR at Ironman Racine 70.3. Last year, I finished the race in 6:14:54. I had my training completely thrown off for the final 4 weeks by ITBS and it flared up during the race as well (mostly during the final 6 miles of the run). For this reason, I think improving upon that time will be relatively expected and I’d like to set an aggressive goal of finishing in 6 hours or less.

And that’s it for now! I might add to this list as the year goes on, but I think these four goals are a great place to start. Here’s to some luck going into the 2015 season!

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