Hi there, I’m Jack Thornburg.

Glad you stopped by! This site was initially created to share some of my thoughts about search engine optimization while giving me a place to test out both technical and content driven SEO theories.

Moving forward, I’m hoping to turn it into a more active personal blog as well – I know, don’t get too excited. (Be sure to check out my most recent race recap of Ironman Wisconsin!)

SEO Expertise in Chicago

I started my SEO career at a digital marketing agency called L2T Media where I held titles in both search engine optimization and social media. Before leaving, I managed the SEO, Social Media, and Reputation Management strategies and teams.

Next, I took on the role of SEO Manager at SMG Performance Marketing in Chicago. SMGpm is an agency within the Starcom MediaVest Group that has an extremely data driven approach to planning and activating digital marketing strategies. As an online marketer, there’s an interesting line that needs to be walked between 1) making decisions based on numbers and 2) understanding that the consumer is vastly more complicated than the data — I was excited and energized by the work SMGpm was doing to successfully walk that line with clients.

Inbound Marketing Services at UpCity

I’m currently proud to be the Director of Services at UpCity, a Chicago startup located in the West Loop neighborhood. At UpCity, we offer a robust and constantly evolving platform designed to help agencies scale and execute successful inbound marketing campaigns for small businesses.

While job responsibilities at a startup are often difficult to nail down, I am primarily charged with continually defining and improving upon our full service inbound marketing offering. This includes overseeing fulfillment for our managed services clients as well as helping to inform updates to the UpCity platform.

The UpCity team surprises me each and every week with innovative solutions to complex issues that are not being solved anywhere else in the space. I look forward to continuing our growth as a company as well as leaders in the inbound marketing community.

Evolving Approach to SEO

My initial passion for SEO has gone well beyond battling robots and is increasingly focused on understanding customer experiences. A customer’s journey, including everything from online social interactions to offline and in-store experiences, is not the future of SEO. Customer experiences are where the most important SEO decisions should be made right now.

I’m energized by the idea of content-driven, customer-friendly websites and brands being championed in organic search. After all, it’s the goal of the search engine to determine what signals exist between great brands – and then apply those signals in a more general sense to the rest of the web.

As there will always be smarter robots with better tools in their arsenal, I’m confident that brands with an engaged digital and offline audience attracted by quality content and user experience will continue to prevail.


Feel free to check out my blog posts as well as the rest of the site. You can reach out to me via any social channel to the right or shoot me an e-mail at jack.thornburg1@gmail.com. Cheers!